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RICS Surveyors in Coventry

Coventry Property Surveys offer comprehensive property surveying services to give buyers the peace of mind they need before purchasing. Our experienced team of RICS surveyors in Coventry will provide insight into the condition of your potential new home.



Level 1 RICS Survey

If you want a basic idea about a property's condition, a Level 1 RICS Survey can provide an overview. This kind of survey is most suitable for modern properties that have not undergone any significant alterations. However, it is essential to note that this survey offers no advice on repairs or maintenance and is not as detailed as a Level 2 or 3 survey.


Level 2 RICS Survey (Homebuyers)

When purchasing a traditional property, opting for a Level 2 Survey (Homebuyers Report) is an intelligent choice. This type of survey offers valuable insights and guidance, complete with condition ratings pinpointing potential issues. Although it may not be as all-encompassing as a Level 3 Survey, it still delivers a helpful overview of the building's condition and surroundings.


Level 3 RICS Survey

(Building Survey)

For a comprehensive examination and report of an older, extended, period, or unusual property, a Level 3 (Building Survey) is the ultimate solution. This in-depth survey is more detailed and precise than its Level 1 & 2 counterparts, and it will accurately identify any specific areas that require further investigation. It is the perfect fit for those seeking a thorough analysis of a property's structure and fabric.

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